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wholesale dog harness Blog Pet Supplies What types of pet toys are there? Do you know what toys your dog likes.

What types of pet toys are there? Do you know what toys your dog likes.

2023-10-18 berupet

Nowadays, people are still willing to spend money on raising dogs. They not only eat meat and vegetables, but also buy many beautiful clothes and fun toys for their dogs. Under the premise of economic permission, these are all advocated, but whether it's clothes or toys, it's important to buy the right ones. There are also many types of pet toys on the market. Do you know which toys dogs like? After reading this article, buying toys for a dog is definitely not bad. Spend a penny.

Pet toys

Types of pet toys

1: Material classification

From the perspective of materials, there are currently five types of toys available on the market.

1. Latex material

Natural latex is extracted from the juice of rubber trees, with mild gel properties and can naturally relieve heat. The material comes from nature and is naturally pollution-free.

2. Rubber material

Natural rubber (NR) is a polymer of isoprene. It has excellent resilience, tensile strength, elongation, wear resistance, tear and compression permanent deformation performance superior to most synthetic rubbers. Suitable for making tires, shock absorbing parts, buffer ropes, and sealing parts. Not resistant to oil, poor weather, ozone, and oxygen resistance. The operating temperature range is -60~100 ℃.

3. Plush material

Plush toys have the characteristics of realistic and cute shapes, soft touch, no fear of compression, easy cleaning, strong decoration, high safety, and wide applicability to a wide range of people.

4. TPR material

TPR materials have good elongation and resilience. The molding method is simpler than rubber. It can be directly produced by ordinary thermoplastic molding machines.

5. PVC material

PVC is actually a vinyl based polymer, and its material is an amorphous material. PVC materials often incorporate stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, pigments, impact agents, and other additives in practical use. It has non flammability, high strength, weather resistance, and excellent geometric stability.

Pet toys

2: Usage classification

1. Molar dentifrices

Dogs often have itchy teeth during their growth period. In order to alleviate discomfort, dogs without toys often tear down their homes, such as biting on sofas and table corners. And the pet owner doesn't have the energy to brush the dog's teeth every day, which inevitably leads to bad breath and tartar.

When you find that your dog is always biting or has bad breath, it is essential to buy toys for grinding and cleaning teeth for your dog.

2. Hidden food leakage type

If your dog is lazy and doesn't move much except for eating, then you need to buy a food hiding and leaking toy for your dog. The design of hidden food leakage toys is to make dogs move in order to get food. If you are afraid that your dog doesn't like exercise or even becomes overweight, buy a hidden food leakage toy for your dog.

3. Soundmaking toys

If you often leave your dog alone at home without time for companionship. Your dog can easily become depressed and anxious due to the quiet and cramped space. To soothe your dog's lonely emotions, it is recommended to choose a pet toy that can make a sound for your dog to relieve the suppressed emotions.

Which toys do dogs like

Although there are many types of toys for dogs, we usually buy them according to their categories when purchasing. We buy them based on what the dog likes, provided that the economy allows. Regarding the toys that dogs like, based on my over ten years of experience raising dogs, dogs generally like these toys.

1. Slippers

The owner's slippers can be said to be the favorite toy of many dogs, because they have the owner's scent on them. Dogs smell very friendly and familiar, but dogs like to bite with their mouths, and sometimes they are easily bitten by them

2. Balls

Dogs love things that are round and rolling, including all kinds of balls, big balls and small balls. Tennis is slightly more expensive and can also be easily bitten. The owner can buy it a football or basketball, and if it can't bite, it won't damage it.

3. Plush Doll

Dogs, like children, also love plush dolls, which may be a common trait among all mammals because their plush appearance makes both children and dogs feel warm and friendly. The puppy that just arrived home often has to sleep with a doll and looks very cute. No

4. Tooth grinding toys

Tooth grinding toys are very necessary for dogs. When a dog is born from three to six months old, it is its tooth changing period. It will always want to find something to chew on due to uncomfortable teeth. The owner must give it some chewy toys, such as tooth grinding sticks, otherwise it will randomly bite furniture, dog beds, rice bowls, and even the owner.

5. Frisbee

Frisbee is a toy designed specifically for dogs, but not all dogs are suitable. Small dogs are not very suitable for playing frisbee, as their bones are relatively fragile and playing with such intense exercise can easily cause fractures. It is suitable for such medium-sized, compact and strong dogs as Demu and border collie. They need a lot of exercise. Buying a Frisbee can not only train them, but also consume their physical strength. It is the best toy.

Generally, large dogs and small dogs prefer different toys, while small dogs prefer more plush toys. Working dogs and viewing dogs also have different preferences, so when choosing, it's important to consider what kind of dog your family is. Shepherds like frisbees because they enjoy interacting and playing with their owners.

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